Compost Waste, Organic Waste, Food Waste,

Zero Waste, Waste Diversion

What ever you want to call it ...just don't waste it.

SMART Recycling is an organics and food waste hauling company dedicated to diverting food waste from the landfill to local composting facilities.

We provide our partners with custom designed equipment, superior customer care, and the most efficient, reliable service available.

Our Program is designed to reduce your waste bill, as well as your environmental footprint, so you can save money and help save the planet at the same time.  





The cart that sets us apart. Equipped with a lock and seal lid and caster wheels, our custom designed SMART Carts provide a feasible solution for storing and transporting wet waste efficiently.

Our carts do not require the use of a liner, which provides even further savings to our partners, as well as saving their employees the potential danger of hoisting heavy garbage bags into a dumpster or compactor.

Training & Customer Service

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We conduct comprehensive staff trainings, making sure our new partners have the tools they need to succeed in the Program. Our trainings are geared to the unique needs of each new client, yet we always aim for the same effect: education and inspiration! 

Regular follow up visits and monthly reports on tonnage diverted from landfill are just some of the ways we provide on-going support to our partners. 


Table-To-Farm Soil Sharing


Our Table-to-Farm Soil Sharing Program helps us close the loop on sustainable food sourcing. We buy back finished compost and returning it to local farms and community organizations that are doing their part to support a local, pesticide free food culture.

When we host these events, we invite our Program partners to come out, meet their farmers, and get their hands in the dirt. Grow food, not landfills.