We’re dedicated to helping businesses divert their food waste from the landfill to local compost facilities.

Importance of Composting Food Waste

SMART Recycling envisions a world with less garbage, more sustainable communities, and more locally sourced food. Food waste makes up 40% of trash, and a shocking 52.4 million tons of food are sent to landfills each year (view report). Not only does this waste take up a tremendous amount of landfill space, but it also generates dangerous methane gas as it decomposes.

In contrast, composting food waste instead of trashing it serves local farmers who purchase compost to regenerate the soil with nutrients. SMART Recycling is committed to bridging the “table-to-farm” gap and knows through years of experience that several things are needed to truly make an impact:

  • Proper education

  • Food waste recycling programs

  • Efficient transportation

  • Partnerships with large producers of food waste

Our SMART Solutions

SMART Recycling is an organics and food waste hauling company servicing restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities and industrial facilities throughout South Carolina. This is how we are making an impact:

  • Focus on collecting commercial food waste in SC

  • Proven processes to divert organic waste from the landfill to local compost facilities

  • Consistent standards for food waste recycling

  • Training and ongoing support for our partners


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2019 Green Business of the Year

SMART Recycling is recognized as a leader in the industry and was recently awarded 2019 Green Business of the Year by the EEASC for supporting environmental education in South Carolina. Armed with consistent service standards and amazing commercial partners, SMART Recycling is equipped to divert thousands of tons of organic refuse from landfills each year. 


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The SMART Team

The SMART Team

How It Works

How It Works

Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits