Our food waste recycling program was designed to efficiently serve organizations with sustainability or zero waste goals.

Steps to Success

SMART Recycling’s goal is to make your company’s transition to food waste recycling smooth and easy so you can divert as much as possible from the landfill. Our program includes the following:

Implementation and Training

We will train at your location about what can be composted, what CAN’T be composted and cart maintenance. We will also provide all signage and periodic training upon request.

SMART Service

We developed consistent standards for our food waste solutions to ensure service efficiency. See below to learn about our SMART service standards.

Organics Separation Strategy

SMART Recycling will conduct a site assessment and waste audit. We will then provide recommendations about the bin style/setup and number of bins needed.

Compost Facility

SMART Recycling recently acquired ReSoil, a facility in Elgin, SC which converts food waste and wood chips to make some of the best compost available. You can trust that your food waste will be transformed into 100% organic and nutrient rich compost, specially formulated for Master Gardeners and Organic Farms.


Equipped with a lock & seal lid and caster wheels, our custom designed SMART Carts provide a feasible solution for storing and transporting 300 plus pounds of wet waste efficiently.

Our carts do not require the use of a liner, which provides even further savings to our partners. SMART carts also save employees the potential danger of hoisting heavy garbage bags into a dumpster or compactor.


SMART Service Standards

SMART partners share a common vision of a less wasteful world, and many of them have adopted sustainability or zero waste goals. To better serve vision-driven organizations, we developed consistent standards for our food waste solutions. SMART standards are designed to ensure that our commercial partners meet their sustainability goals in a consistent and efficient way. They are:


Specialized – Recycling programs are highly specialized. SMART Carts and state-of-the art trucks are designed specifically for organic waste handling with cost management and client convenience in mind.



Measurable – Monthly diversion reports are available so that clients can track environmental impact down to the pound.



Adaptable – Service levels are customizable. The number of carts and pickup frequency is tailored to suit unique client needs and can be adjusted as needed.



Realistic – A comprehensive initial training session and ongoing support (available at no additional cost) is included to ensure clients are equipped for success.



Timely – Additional training and support from a responsive staff is available as needs and questions arise.



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The SMART Team

The SMART Team

Food Waste Solutions

Food Waste Solutions

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Partner Benefits