SMART partners share a common vision of a less wasteful world and have adopted sustainability or zero waste goals.

Save Money and Help Save the Planet

Our food recycling program is designed to reduce your waste bill as well as your environmental footprint. SMART partners enjoy the benefits of saving money and helping to save the planet at the same time. Thanks to our SMART service standards, you can trust that your recycling services will be rendered in a consistent and efficient way.

Support Your Sustainability or Zero Waste Goals

Companies with an environmentally conscious culture often define their sustainability goals or zero waste initiatives. Recycling food waste is another great way to divert waste from landfills even if your company has already adopted programs for recycling paper, plastic, glass and metal. Just as those sorts of programs return usable materials to the manufacturing cycle, composting food waste through our SMART program returns nutrients to the nutrient cycle and organic material to the soil. Doing so also reduces methane emissions from food waste in landfills, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Reduce Waste Management Expenses

If your company is seeking environmentally responsible ways to reduce or reallocate waste management expenses, SMART’s food waste recycling program is competitively priced. Our partners often find our fees to be the same or less as other waste management options.

Training and Customer Service

Any company implementing a new recycling program can expect there to be a learning curve. SMART partners benefit from our extensive training and ongoing support. Our processes are convenient and consistent which is extremely important for recycling initiatives since operational change and training is required for successful program adoption.

See and Share Results

As a partner, you will receive monthly reports which include the number of tons of food waste that your company successfully diverted from landfills. This information is great to share with your patrons who share environmental interests. We will even provide you with social media graphics each month so that you can easily share your sustainable business practices.



Our Partners


By joining our SMART Program, these partners have demonstrated their dedication to progressive sustainable practices.


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