I know that we are diverting ‘tons’ of material from the landfill and that’s rewarding in itself, but honestly to see so many people from kitchen staff, to hotel managers, to sales people being genuinely concerned about what is being thrown away and its effect on the environment is by far the most rewarding part of all.

Knowledge about why composting has to happen is infectious, in my humble opinion, and it can and I believe will force the issue into the hands of local government to enact programs that make it easier for all of us to do it. I am so glad that I started this program at the FMH. My only regret is that I didn’t find a way to do it sooner.
— Chef Simon Andrews, Francis Marion Hotel
After meeting with SMART, we knew they had the tools, resources, and experience to help us reach our goals. The locking roll carts, hands on training of our employees, and quality control checks from SMART staff members have helped make this program a huge success.

We were able to take our composting program public during a zero waste football game this fall. We were able to divert 83% of the materials at the football game and that was tremendously rewarding! The event would certainly not have been possible without the tremendous partnership we have with SMART.
— Jeremy Monday, Waste Reduction Coordinator, Coastal Carolina University
The most rewarding part of being in the SMART program is the educational impact that the program has on our students. The students better understand their own unique impact on the planet and recognize that they have a responsibility for the waste that they generate. This new program is better preparing our students for the future and helping create environmentally literate citizens.
— Greg Sponseller, Sustainability Analyst, Horry County Schools
There have been many positive changes among our team since starting the SMART program. Before, quite a few employees were just conditioned to throw stuff ‘away’ and be done with it - not thinking any more about where it actually ends up, that there is no ‘away’.

Having a practical understanding of landfills, and the fact that they are finite, helps to create an understanding of why we must all do our part to reduce the misuse of food waste and recyclables. I think it also helps people to reconsider their personal consumption habits in regards to stuff and food.

Learning just how much food waste has been diverted by The Old Village Post House is really rewarding. It’s also a great tool to reinforce just how necessary it is for everyone to continue to contribute to the cause.
— Cici Franklin, Old Village Post House Restaurant