2019 Green Business of the Year

Awarded by the EEASC for Supporting Environmental Education in South Carolina



SMART Recycling is dedicated to helping businesses divert their food waste from the landfill to local compost facilities.


Why do we care so much about commercial food waste?

Commercial food waste takes up landfill space and generates methane gas which is 30 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.  Together we can divert organic waste, compost it, and use it to regenerate the soil with nutrients making a full circle local ecosystem.


By joining our SMART Program, these partners have demonstrated their dedication to progressive sustainable practices.

We cater to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities and industrial facilities that produce compostable waste.


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Learn more about the benefits of partnering with SMART Recycling. 

Our SMART standards are designed to ensure that our commercial partners meet their sustainability goals in a consistent and efficient way.

Our turn-key solution is perfect for facilities committed to affecting positive environmental change or managing waste management expenses responsibly.